South Island Exchange


14th, 15th, 16th May 2021

Wanaka, South Island






North Island Exchange


21st, 22nd, 23rd May 2021

Taupo, North Island




Workshop and Competition forms are here!  

Click on forms in workshop or competition sections below, please ensure you save to your device, complete it re-save it and then email it to us.







2021 Dance Specialists:


Eddie Brunton, Chantal Pinguet,

Cameron Smith & Emma-Kate Putnam






  Introductory 7-8yrs

  Elementary 9-12yrs

   Intermediate 13yrs - 15yrs

  Advanced 16yrs & over

  Masters 30yrs & over




 *****Workshops REGISTRATIONS CLOSE: 1st May, 2021


Step One:  Please fill out and email the:


South Island Workshop Registration Form 


North Island Workshop Registration form.  


(click on "Workshop Registration Form" above to get forms.)


Step Two:  Please process full payment the same day that you register/email.    


You’ll get 8 Great Workshops for just:   $99               


    Each one of our Dance specialists brings his/her own unique style of dance/choreography- you will love it!








****Competition ENTRIES CLOSE 1st April, 2021


  Introductory 7-8yrs

  Elementary 9-12yrs

   Intermediate 13yrs - 15yrs

   Advanced 16yrs & over

  Masters 30yrs & over


Step One:  Please fill out and email the: 


South Island Competition Registration Form  


North Island Competition Registration Form  


(click "Competition Registration" above to get forms)


Step Two:  Please process full payment the same day that you register/email. 


Please note: 

Solos are limited to five per dancer, one entry in any or all of the following genres: jazz, hip hop, musical theatre, contemporary, classical/lyrical. Cost: $15 per solo entry.

Duos/trios- no limit in number of entries :)

Time limit all entries 3 1/2 minutes please.

If you wish to compete for nomination towards PACANZ Young Performer Awards for Troupes, please CLICK HERE for more info.   








Who are these Dance Specialists?


Check out their bios online at


Can I do workshops if I’m not competing?


Yes you can participate in workshops, competition or both.


Will I be rewarded with certificates and trophies?


We pride ourselves on our classy certificates and unique trophies, which are for you to keep and/or put on permanent display at your studios.


Can I watch the workshops?


Sorry we need the space to dance and so you’ll have to wait for our Demo Show but you are going to love it!


I’m really talented, can I dance with and older age group?


Yes you and your teacher can decide where you will dance best, ages with levels are a guide only…however for the competition you must dance in your age group.


The dancers in our team are different ages- where do we compete?


Take the average age of the group and enter at that level.


Not sure about something?


Look at our website for further info or email us and we’ll sort you out.


Please note:


Timetables subject to change according to attendance and demand to ensure we all get the very best from our DanceNZmade experience!



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.











***** We look forward to Exchanging great dance with you,


Dean McKerras  (mobile:0272850284)


Director/Creator DanceNZmade




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