About us

DanceNZmade celebrates and embraces the strength, diversity and passion of dance in New Zealand.

Since 2009, Dean McKerras - New Zealand's own Danceman, and his ever growing team of kiwi dance specialists, have been the force behind the initiative.


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supporting NZ dancers home through COVID 19-

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Why DanceNZmade? 

Ultimately our reason why is to increase the possibility for New Zealanders to exchange great dance.
For years kiwis have thought they can do anything. It goes without saying we can do all things dance.
DanceNZmade focuses on and celebrates the dance upon our shores. So often we look beyond for inspiration, there’s no doubting it’s there, but it’s also just down the road. 

Our Mission:

To embrace dance in the land of the long white cloud, in a friendly relaxed atmosphere where exchanging great dance is the focus, creativity and energy are celebrated, dancers and dance specialists are professionally respected & inspiration and pride are the ultimate results.


We Got Cha!

DanceNZmade is supporting our dancers home due to COVID 19. The dancers below are home for now so lets support them, embrace them and learn from them- they are home direct from international gigs- they are invaluable to our students, our studios, our schools and communities. Contact them direct or get in touch with us for further details.




 Emma-Kate CV

  Chantal CV

   Eddie Brunton CV    

 Meg Morrison CV       

Mikaela Adlam CV

Kristi Dahm CV


Sarah Lauder CV



Millie Moon CV










Who is Dean McKerras?



Dean Mckerras, Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education, a lifetime of dance!


A passion and energy for dance makes this Danceman unique.

The Dean Mckerras School of Dance has been running in Palmerston North for 27 years with 450 students passing through its doors each week- doors to the largest studio complex Palmie has to offer. For the past twenty five plus years Dean has contracted  himself out to schools with his Dance in Education programme, which he has shared with over 60,000 school children.


A love of Musical Theatre has seen him touring, producing, directing and /or choreographing shows such as Rocky Horror Show, Joseph, Chess, Chicago, 42nd Street,  Beauty & the Beast and many more, working with stars such as Michael Barrymore, Richard Long, Tina Cross and Jackie Clark.

Dean toured professionally  with the 1995 cast of Cats playing Tumblebrutus and Mungojerrie and has since Directed and Choreographed his all time favourite show for Palmerston North,  Rotorua and Whakatane. He is enjoying repeat visits to these regions with Mamma Mia and now the wonderful Mary Poppins.


Dean is creator and director of  DanceNZmade - New Zealand's own Interschool and Interstudio workshop and competition events, which also offers 'Performance, Hip Hop and Contemporary Levels' - a performance based syllabi used by studios around the country and overseas.

Dean's greatest production is his family thanks to an international romantic storyline that rivals all the great musical theatre plots and sees him marry Liette with the arrival of the very handsome Sam and Benjamin and the gorgeous Princess Amelia in the second act!

Dean believes two things.

1. Nothing is possible without a loving and supportive family.

2. Celebrating and encouraging the arts in any form is one of life's pleasures!



We look forward to exchanging great dance with you.....